Passionfruit Communications provides fresh, custom content for you business.

Our services range from brand copy and editing for websites, newsletters, sponsored articles and blog posts. Passionfruit Communications will also write media releases and press kits to help you tell your story.


Amanda Lee

I have been a storyteller for more than a decade, crafting compelling copy for small businesses and brands in the travel industry. 

I was formerly the Managing Editor for Toronto.com. As a freelance journalist, I specialize in lifestyle, parenting and travel. I’ve written about trekking to remote villages in Northern Laos, the hipster side of Nashville, my love of Sydney (a pretty bold statement for a Melbournian), and a that time I had to toilet train my toddler on an international flight.

My writing has been featured in the Toronto Star, This Magazine, Today’s Parent, WestJet Magazine, West of the City, VITA Daily, You Are UNLTD, and CAA Magazine. You can find my editorial portfolio here.

Previously, I worked as a communications professional in the arts and culture sector. I’ve been fortunate enough to work red carpet events with bold faced names at the Toronto International Film Festival, venture inside the Royal Ontario Museum’s famous bug room, and wrangle media as J.K. Rowling read from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Toronto’s Skydome, as it was known as back then.

I completed an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at King’s College, Nova Scotia in 2020, and working on my first creative nonfiction book, Chasing Opal.

Originally from Australia, I now live in the Greater Toronto Area with two redheads who refuse to eat Vegemite.

Okay, but why passionfruit? 

Growing up in Australia, our next-door-neighbour-one-over, Mrs. Harrison, grew passionfruit vines in her backyard. This isn’t as exotic as it sounds. Passionfruit is plentiful in Australia. As a kid, we’d pick the ripe, deep purple fruit off the vine, tear open the flesh with our teeth and slurp out the sweet, tangy pulp – sometimes we’d even use a spoon.

Why passionfruit? Because passionfuit is the taste of home.


Digital and print content

As a copywriter, I’ve written brand content for small business, as well as brochures, email marketing, feature articles, advertising copy, and online posts. Whether your “about me” page needs a spit and polish, or you are looking for someone to produce a regular e-newsletter, I can help craft your story. 

Copy editing

Maybe that blog post you wrote needs to be shaped, so you get your point across to your audience faster, or you’ve got an entire manuscript sitting in a draw that needs a fresh pair of yes. I’ll review your content for structure, grammar, punctuation and consistency of style.

Media releases and press kits

Does your business have a message you want to shout from the rooftops, but you’re afraid of heights? With over a decade in communications, I’ve honed my ability to find the story angle and whip off a media release faster than you can say, “thirty dash.”  

If the though of approaching editors fills you with dread, I can also give you some tips on directly pitching your business, product or service to the media.

Advertorials (that don’t read like advertorials) 

I am experienced in writing branded content, balancing editorial voice with your marketing message. I have produced content marketing for RBC, Toronto.com, NOW Magazine, CAA Magazine, Sunwing, Urban Adventures and the Town of Milton. 

Email passionfruitcommunications@gmail.com to learn more!